Friday, September 9, 2016

Use Zalo and Facebook lite to discover the newest features

Social network is not unfamiliar to cellphone users in the market currently. Each social network application has particular use and operation brings users different experience. Quickly discover the new features of Facebook lite and Zalo to know more information, immediately own these unique applications!
With new and useful features, Zalo and Facebook lite always brings users interesting experience and fresh use, updates latest version to respond users’ needs.

Discover new features of Zalo

With Zalo cement the love everyday with friends, lover in each call or message; supply an enjoyable icon store with many unique features.
- Search friends by personal telephone number, display results promptly.
- Easily search surrounding friends.
- Update more fresh features than old version.
- Make qualitative phone calls.
- Support cellphone devices with new version.
- Send messages of image, text, voice with high quality.
- Record voice and send speedily.

- Supply icon store with hundreds of rich stickers.
- Free calls as well as messages.
- Fast update states and renew newfeed.

Receive the best advantage for smartphone from Facebook lite

Connect to friend, make strong connection by Facebook lite, smart and popular social network with compact configuration always updates latest version to meet users’ needs. It is an unique famous social network application with many outstanding features:
- Compact application downloaded ultra – quickly for phone and used free.
- Easily use for low configuration phones and bad networks.
- Send messages without Messenger application.
- Log in by personal account, good security.
- Send messages with stickers.
- Update more new and useful features than old version.
- Access all features as Facebook version.

Do you feel excited? Choose and install one to receive the best advantage. Many features will be updated everyday if you have Facebook lite and Zalo. Don’t miss this good opportunity! 

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