Monday, September 12, 2016

The most optimal advertising approval from Facebook Lite

Coming to Facebook Lite, you will be discovered an application with many interesting features. Example, it allows to access to update news, create product advertisements or record funny videos for friends to enjoy. As a social networking application with the ultra_ compact design, it is used public with the useful features. However, each advertisement running on Facebook Lite is approved carefully in order to meet demand of each user. 

Currently, there are many advertisers, making a large number of advertising contents without being approved by Facebook Lite when installing. Otherwise, they absolutely do not know what  their mistakes are. Let ‘s fix some errors when advertising on Facebook Lite to install advertisements simply and effectively.

Facebook Lite_ the most effective approval of advertisements 

_ The advertisements on Facebook Lite do not be allowed to exceed 20 percent of the square of the entire imagine. This means that the text of advertisements accounts for only a small part. You can put it on any angle of the imagine, but must be sure that it is right to the given index. This require applies for all video advertisements and photo albums that you want to advertise. 
_ The advertisements display the Facebook nickname that is not true to the regulations. The Facebook names are required writing full, without being abbreviated or no asterisk. 
_ Some mistakes such as the content is not genuine, the vulgar language is not suitable for all ages , or sensitive videos. 
_ Your account history regularly violates some terms, being not good so that your advertisements will face many difficulties .
Above things are some common mistakes when you want to install advertisements without being approved. Let’s refer to the article to help you to  avoid the small error that should not have so that your advertising becomes easily. 

Download Facebook Lite to own immediately this application and use the advertisements easily for your work . Let's explore new things!

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