Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Facebook Lite is considerate as a compact version of Facebook and it is diminished to suit to the types of smartphones that have low-configuration. You can experience Facebook lite smoothly even in the poor condition of the Internet connectivity. You can connect and contact with your friends in simple ways. By posting your photos to Facebook or updating your thoughts, you can save and share your memorable moments only with a touch. Let download Facebook Lite to discover!

Share memorable moments with facebook lite on your smartphone

Facebook Lite allows you to able to install in the short time, otherwise, it  occupies less storage capacity. Meanwhile, it also downloads news feed so speedily and descends less Internet access capacity. Therefore, you can surf  the Facebook without 3G or in the limited connectivity.  It is wonderful to share with your friends’ photos or funny videos on the news feed. The most important thing is that you update social news and chat with friends easily but free.

Especially, coming to Facebook Lite, you still experience all of the basic features of the Facebook version such as update news, like or comment what your friends post on Newsfeed. You still can update your friends’ information, share status, share photos. You are permitted to create and fix your profile, update the profile and your avatar. Moreover, using  Facebook Lite, you can chat directly with your friends without using messenger like what Facebook makes you do.

You can share memorable moments at any time, even in the condition of the poor connectivity and update your personal status only with a simple touch.
Let download Facebook Lite to explore many great things. Don’t forget to share the application to have the most wonderful experiences. 

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