Sunday, September 18, 2016

Learn the difference between two social networks Facebook lite and Bigo Live

Facebook lite and Bigo Live are two conspicuous social networking applications  with smart design. Numerous users love and trust these applications.  They are two salient social networking applications, always parallel and  adjacent to each other in the market and appreciated highly. However, each application has how to use  and completely different features to bring you completely distinctive experiences

Facebook lite with the compact design supports connecting to friends, chatting messags, updating the latest social news rapidly and searching  friends by mail, telephone or username. Otherwise, Bigo live is the online video application, which  searches connections by ID easily.  Learn the difference between these two noticeable social networking applications. 

Learn the difference between two social networks Facebook lite and Bigo Live

The way to  use social network Facebook lite:
Compact design with ultra-fast downloading speed only 1MB
Support for low-configuration phones, slow network conditions
Save memory and network data
Connect and create contact to friends easily
Instantly message with unique icons
Not need to use Messenger
Create group chats or closed groups easily

Operate  and use Bigo live to have a great experience
Stream online, you can do anything like singing, talking, working, relax together.
High quality with unique editing tools
Watch videos anytime
Watch the video on the home page while being online stream
Check in to talk with friends and family and community network where you're going, how you feel now,  for example picnics or playing on the beach.
Search for friends by ID

Let refer  new and discrete features  as well as the way to operate and use choose the best suitable application. You can use two applications on your mobile device at the same time, because that Bigo's the live online video application, be able to connect to login at right facebook application for friends to admire. Let's experience!

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