Sunday, September 25, 2016

Top 3 of the most popular social networking apps for youngsters

All of us have at least one social networking app on our smart phones and we use it every day. However, the default social network installed on your device may not make you satisfied and you have to look for a more useful app. Refer to the article " Top 3 most popular social networking apps for youngsters" to explore new features from these three social networking apps and choose the best for you.

Surely that Facebook Lite, Whatsapp and Twitter will be the right choices for users to have great experience.

Top 3 most popular social networking apps for youngsters

1. Facebook Lite
Facebook Lite is the most favorite social network app for youth with outstanding and convenient features. Facebook Lite has an ultra-compact design and ultra-fast downloading to save memory and network data. Downloading Facebook Lite to discover new things, connect friends and family easily, update social news and friends’ information absolutely free. With Facebook lite, you can use the same features like Facebook such as like or comment on friends' status, change personal information and send messages without Messenger app.

2. Whatsapp
With Whatsapp, you will experience a new social network app which is loved and trusted by numerous users. Downloading Whatsapp to chat, connect with friends around the world, create conversations, group chat and update status easily for free, display a message has been sent or. Moreover, you can quickly update news from friends on this application.

3. Twitter
Twitter is one of the largest social networks which is loved and downloaded a lot by youngsters. Downloading Twitter, users can update news quickly, text and update tweet, share feelings or events, places that you have been to. Twitter is considered as a tool for you to stay connected, keep in touch with other people. It is a free social networking service for mobile users, a form of blog which help users to connect and share freely.

Let’s install these three best social networking apps on your phone to explore new things. Surely that you will be satisfied when using one of these three apps.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Facebook lite - the best most secure and useful social networking app

Facebook Lite is a social networking application with smart design, fast downloading and totally free. It is a texting app; users can update social news easily with the most optimal security. Download Facebook Lite to explore and experience an unique social network with the most optimal security.

Facebook Lite is considered the most popular social networking app. It is ranked number one in the Play Store. It has been evaluated with positive feedbacks from users. This is a compact version which is less than 1MB, so it allows you to install quickly, takes less storage space and updates faster with less network data. Therefore, users can chat, send messages and update news on Facebook Lite even in poor network connect conditions and all low-configuration devices. Let’s use Facebook Lite with the most optimum security to talk and create private group chat.

Facebook Lite – the optimal security social networking app.

-          Install quickly for free, saving memory for devices.
-          Create a closed group on Facebook, ensure members’ personal privacy
-          Create or leave the group chat easily.
-          Search and make friends easily by sending your request.
-          Update status by selecting privacy.
-          Choose what to display on news feed (friends, relatives, family or public).
-          Send picture messages, animation in poor network conditions.
-          Save memory and internet data.
And there are still many other unique features that users can discover. If you love a social networking app that your privacy can be adjusted, Facebook Lite is the best choice for you. Let’s download Facebook Lite and discover these features.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Exploring social network with Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite is a social networking app with intuitive design and support most of smartphone devices. It is the latest and hottest social networking nowadays. It is the short version of Facebook with ultra-fast download and data saving. Download Facebook Lite and discover the world's largest social network for free.

Exploring the great social network with Facebook Lite.

With this compact and smart version, you can install and use it comfortably, connect with friends easily, chat and group chat quickly without any additional cost. You can also update social news in poor network conditions, contact with your friends anytime, anywhere. You can update information and the latest news hourly.

Facebook lite has small size (only 1MB) and smart design that saves data network and time to download for every Android devices. After downloading, you will be comfortable to send and receive messages instantly, create group chat and update status or latest social news for free. It can be used for low-configuration phone and in poor network conditions.

With Facebook Lite, you can discover useful information about all different areas and it will make your life enjoyable and meaningful. Connecting with friends to update more information, all personal information will show up on your newsfeed. Facebook Lite supports instant messaging right in the app without having to install Messenger.

Let’s download Facebook Lite to discover new things, join in the social communities with a secure personal account. You will be completely satisfied when using our Facebook lite. Let's explore!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Learn the difference between two social networks Facebook lite and Bigo Live

Facebook lite and Bigo Live are two conspicuous social networking applications  with smart design. Numerous users love and trust these applications.  They are two salient social networking applications, always parallel and  adjacent to each other in the market and appreciated highly. However, each application has how to use  and completely different features to bring you completely distinctive experiences

Facebook lite with the compact design supports connecting to friends, chatting messags, updating the latest social news rapidly and searching  friends by mail, telephone or username. Otherwise, Bigo live is the online video application, which  searches connections by ID easily.  Learn the difference between these two noticeable social networking applications. 

Learn the difference between two social networks Facebook lite and Bigo Live

The way to  use social network Facebook lite:
Compact design with ultra-fast downloading speed only 1MB
Support for low-configuration phones, slow network conditions
Save memory and network data
Connect and create contact to friends easily
Instantly message with unique icons
Not need to use Messenger
Create group chats or closed groups easily

Operate  and use Bigo live to have a great experience
Stream online, you can do anything like singing, talking, working, relax together.
High quality with unique editing tools
Watch videos anytime
Watch the video on the home page while being online stream
Check in to talk with friends and family and community network where you're going, how you feel now,  for example picnics or playing on the beach.
Search for friends by ID

Let refer  new and discrete features  as well as the way to operate and use choose the best suitable application. You can use two applications on your mobile device at the same time, because that Bigo's the live online video application, be able to connect to login at right facebook application for friends to admire. Let's experience!

Explore more: Facebook lite download for android

Friday, September 16, 2016

Facebook Lite sends love to friends and family

Facebook Lite is one the most popular social network apps nowadays. Install Facebook Lite now to communicate with your friends, family and send your love in every call and interesting message..
Send sweet messages to your friends with Facebook Lite.

With Facebook Lite, users can contact to their friends easily, create free and unlimited talks. Facebook Lite supports users with variety of icons in order to express your emotions easily.
Facebook lite has smart design with only 1MB in size which is suitable for low-configuration phone or poor network connection and saves data usage. Download Facebook lite to communicate with people, create and talk to friends for free with only one touch.

Facebook lite is the shortest version of Facebook but it is still fast and effective with full features of Facebook: like or comment on your friends’ status, easy to change your status or profile picture, update news on the latest app version.

Download Facebook Lite to your phone for free now and don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Facebook Lite, the social networking application dispels any geographical distance

Social networking is a tool that unites people together and dispels any geographical distance . Do you want to install the best application yourself  to connect friends together, create conversations for free easily? So, let download Facebook Lite quickly on your divice to connect to love, and dispel any geographical distance with just one touch. 

Facebook Lite is a extremely compact social networking application, which surfs facebook so smoothly and saves network data extremely well. It is  evaluated good feedback from mobile users by conenecting all people and dispelling any geographical distance the best from before to now. With the compact version with just 252KB, you can make installation faster, take less storage capacity, download news- feed also speedily and waste less traffic and save the network data. So you can surf  facebook in the absence of 3G and networking access restriction. 

Facebook Lite, the social networking application dispels any geographical distance.

Coming to Facebook Lite, you can still experience the basic features like Facebook - the conventional version such as group chats, messages, like or comment on your status, change your avatar or personal status easily and update the best social news. You can keep in touch with your friends no matter how far, connect easily, text and receive messages so fast and create a conversation like talking directly to each other. 

Wherever you are, you are also possible to connect with friends across five continents, send love messages and get geographical distance closed easily. You  can know when your friends are online. Facebook Lite also shows notifications and messages coming or messages sent and  viewed. Chatting online or chatting group does not incur any additional cost. Besides, you can follow emotions and personal activities of each person showed up on your news-feed simply.

Please join Facebook lite to dispel any geographical distance to bring people closer together, to find the tune and pull closer the difference among the national communities. Facebok lite is exactly the best choice  when having smart phones in  hands. Using this application, you can get people together in each message and call. Download Facebook Lite to experience, make sure you will be satisfied soon. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Facebook Lite is considerate as a compact version of Facebook and it is diminished to suit to the types of smartphones that have low-configuration. You can experience Facebook lite smoothly even in the poor condition of the Internet connectivity. You can connect and contact with your friends in simple ways. By posting your photos to Facebook or updating your thoughts, you can save and share your memorable moments only with a touch. Let download Facebook Lite to discover!

Share memorable moments with facebook lite on your smartphone

Facebook Lite allows you to able to install in the short time, otherwise, it  occupies less storage capacity. Meanwhile, it also downloads news feed so speedily and descends less Internet access capacity. Therefore, you can surf  the Facebook without 3G or in the limited connectivity.  It is wonderful to share with your friends’ photos or funny videos on the news feed. The most important thing is that you update social news and chat with friends easily but free.

Especially, coming to Facebook Lite, you still experience all of the basic features of the Facebook version such as update news, like or comment what your friends post on Newsfeed. You still can update your friends’ information, share status, share photos. You are permitted to create and fix your profile, update the profile and your avatar. Moreover, using  Facebook Lite, you can chat directly with your friends without using messenger like what Facebook makes you do.

You can share memorable moments at any time, even in the condition of the poor connectivity and update your personal status only with a simple touch.
Let download Facebook Lite to explore many great things. Don’t forget to share the application to have the most wonderful experiences. 

Monday, September 12, 2016

The most optimal advertising approval from Facebook Lite

Coming to Facebook Lite, you will be discovered an application with many interesting features. Example, it allows to access to update news, create product advertisements or record funny videos for friends to enjoy. As a social networking application with the ultra_ compact design, it is used public with the useful features. However, each advertisement running on Facebook Lite is approved carefully in order to meet demand of each user. 

Currently, there are many advertisers, making a large number of advertising contents without being approved by Facebook Lite when installing. Otherwise, they absolutely do not know what  their mistakes are. Let ‘s fix some errors when advertising on Facebook Lite to install advertisements simply and effectively.

Facebook Lite_ the most effective approval of advertisements 

_ The advertisements on Facebook Lite do not be allowed to exceed 20 percent of the square of the entire imagine. This means that the text of advertisements accounts for only a small part. You can put it on any angle of the imagine, but must be sure that it is right to the given index. This require applies for all video advertisements and photo albums that you want to advertise. 
_ The advertisements display the Facebook nickname that is not true to the regulations. The Facebook names are required writing full, without being abbreviated or no asterisk. 
_ Some mistakes such as the content is not genuine, the vulgar language is not suitable for all ages , or sensitive videos. 
_ Your account history regularly violates some terms, being not good so that your advertisements will face many difficulties .
Above things are some common mistakes when you want to install advertisements without being approved. Let’s refer to the article to help you to  avoid the small error that should not have so that your advertising becomes easily. 

Download Facebook Lite to own immediately this application and use the advertisements easily for your work . Let's explore new things!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Facebook lite and the command of advertising market on social network

Facebook lite is not unfamiliar to users all over the world because of its popularity currently, a unique social network application with many features leading the advertising market on social network.  Facebook was born to help you connect to friends in same regions, it is an online social network with Facebook Platform for multi – purpose permits users to chat, upload images, advertise products easily and usefully.

Facebook lite and the command of advertising market on social network

Facebook has great advertising feature. The advertisements serve the users according to their taste in personal profile. Moreover, Facebook supports advertiser by giving the detail of legal document system translated to many different languages, besides the system of analyzing users’ habits, interests and concerns…

Because of social network explosion and expansion, it is not unusual when enterprises, groups, organizations, companies… use social network as advertising channel. Social network is widely popular and quickly interactive, so advertising on social network is a new way approaching customers more easily. Conversely, that helps social network live and develop, especially is Facebook lite – social media channel leads the advertising market on social network.

However, in order to create an advertising channel on social network Facebook lite, users must obey many application’s articles. Using advertising channel by social network is the most useful and efficient to introduce your products to customers. Let download Facebook lite for your phone to use this huge information channel!    

Friday, September 9, 2016

Use Zalo and Facebook lite to discover the newest features

Social network is not unfamiliar to cellphone users in the market currently. Each social network application has particular use and operation brings users different experience. Quickly discover the new features of Facebook lite and Zalo to know more information, immediately own these unique applications!
With new and useful features, Zalo and Facebook lite always brings users interesting experience and fresh use, updates latest version to respond users’ needs.

Discover new features of Zalo

With Zalo cement the love everyday with friends, lover in each call or message; supply an enjoyable icon store with many unique features.
- Search friends by personal telephone number, display results promptly.
- Easily search surrounding friends.
- Update more fresh features than old version.
- Make qualitative phone calls.
- Support cellphone devices with new version.
- Send messages of image, text, voice with high quality.
- Record voice and send speedily.

- Supply icon store with hundreds of rich stickers.
- Free calls as well as messages.
- Fast update states and renew newfeed.

Receive the best advantage for smartphone from Facebook lite

Connect to friend, make strong connection by Facebook lite, smart and popular social network with compact configuration always updates latest version to meet users’ needs. It is an unique famous social network application with many outstanding features:
- Compact application downloaded ultra – quickly for phone and used free.
- Easily use for low configuration phones and bad networks.
- Send messages without Messenger application.
- Log in by personal account, good security.
- Send messages with stickers.
- Update more new and useful features than old version.
- Access all features as Facebook version.

Do you feel excited? Choose and install one to receive the best advantage. Many features will be updated everyday if you have Facebook lite and Zalo. Don’t miss this good opportunity! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Experience the most secure social network at Facebook lite and Whatapp

When talking about the most secure and useful social network applications, we cannot forget to mention Facebook lite and Whatapp. Facebook lite and Whatapp, two of the largest social networks designed compact to agree with smartphone, are trust by numerous users and receives the terrific number of installing. Each application has different useful feature but all have high security to use safely and best.
Quickly experience the most secure social network at Facebook lite and Whatapp to choose the most suitable social network application for your smartphone!

Facebook lite supplies useful features, secures maximum

Facebook lite has received smartphone users’ good feedback; it is only 252Kb in size that permits you to install fast, use less memory storage, surf Facebook with 2G network and limited network accessing speed. This social network secures optimally; unless people know your account and password, they cannot access your account.
Facebook lite, the most secure social network, secures messages, makes public conversations or chats group. Make a secret group to protect private right with unpublicized information. Facebook lite is a popular social network but its security is always at top.

Discover the best securely social network at Whatapp

Whatapp, a smart social network, easily connects to friends, talk and update states; moreover, none of applications can compare to its security. When using Whatapp, you have to log in your personal account and password for each use; personal status is private or public according to your preference. Messages and conversations have the best security.
Use Whatapp to discover the world through your sharp eyes, connect and talk to everyone to broaden your knowledge, own a large number of languages of five continents


Using this unique secure application helps your conversations become more easily.

Don’t hesitate to download one of two famous secure social network application for your phone. Surely, you will be satisfied immediately! 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Top three the most popular social network applications for IOS

Social network is where you connect the love and friends all over the world, share your feelings. If you owns smartphone with IOS operating system and would like connect with friends everywhere, let quickly consult top three popular social network applications for IOS to choose the most suitable and useful software.

It can be said that Instagram, Facebook lite and Line are designed specially for IOS cellphone devices with many unique and useful features supporting users.

Summarize three good social network applications for IOS: Instagram, Facebook lite and Line

1. Instagram

By its unique features, Instagram becomes a silent application that millions of users use for their IOS devices. Let download Instagram to experience the interesting things; you may create awesome images everywhere and everytime right on your smartphone. Then share your images on social networks to let your friends and relatives easily watch them. Follow friends or famous people fastest on newfeed.

2. Facebook lite

A smart social network designed specially for low configuration phones and working in bad network connections, Facebook lite is a fabulous application for IOS, users’ first choice all over the world. Download Facebook lite to experience features as Facebook but may still save internet data and storage space. Connect and talk with friends, create groups easily, send multi – media messages with high speed. The application, designed for IOS, causes a storm in the market currently.

3. Line

By its outstanding features, Line always brings users unique and interesting experience times because of its fast transfer speed without interference, high quality of calls, sending messages quickly, connect with friends widely, send mulit – media messages as images, videos, data.. in a jiffy. Download Line to discover the application designed specially for IOS devices, using easily and free.

Because of useful and salient uses, surely one of these  social network applications will be the most awesome application for IOS cellphones. Consult the basic features to choose the best application for you! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Instructions for changing languages on Faceobok lite

Facebook lite is known as public social network popularizing on most countries worldwide that numerous users love. That’s why Facebook lite, a social network application with compact design used in all network conditions and all cellphone devices, is loved because it support many languages, more than 34 languages,  all over the world.
If you are using Facebook lite and would like to change language right on application, let consult this article: “Instructions for changing languages on Faceobok lite” to choose your favorite language for your smartphone.

Instructions for changing languages on Faceobok lite

- Firstly, access social network facebook lite, application’s interface will appear. Then, Click Menu bar at the top right of screen to carry out next choices:

- Press the bar at the top right marked red square, language settings will appear; then click Language.

- It will soon appear with 34 different languages to choose:

- If you would like any language, click that language and application system will quickly change automatically after you set up a few seconds.

How easy it is! If you have recently used social network Facebook lite and have difficulty in setting up language, the article: “Instructions for changing languages on Faceobok lite” will be best choice for you.
Don’t forget to share the application with your friends, relatives to use Facebook more easily and conveniently.