Monday, August 29, 2016

The useful features of Facebook lite and Twitter

When talking about the convenience of social network application, surely we all know about Facebook lite and Twitter – two of the most popular applications downloaded many times. both Facebook lite and Twitter are smart applications rated as top the most popular applications but they have different features with same convenience that no one can resist them.

Let discover the fresh features of Facebook Lite and Twitter; surely, you will be totally satisfied and install the applications for your phone to freely experience. Discover the interesting things from smart social network applications.

Discover the new and useful features of Facebook:

- Smart social network and easily connect to friends in public.
- Search friends and quickly display results.
- Compact design, support low configuration devices.
- Normally use in bad network conditions, unstable 3G network.
- Simple, small interface to use easily.
- Speedily send messages, chat group unlimitedly.
- Save data network and memory storage.
- Use Facebook as well as normal Facebook applications.
- Talk on application without downloading Messenger.

Experience the helpful features of Twitter:

Twitter is one of the applications attracting a large number of users all over the world. Download Twitter, users may access and join a large social network, connect and interact to your friends, share interesting news, quickly updates information of your acquaintances. It is as a free social network service for smartphone users; a small blog helps users easily connect and share freely.

- Quick speed of sending messages, chatting and sharing images.
- Constantly update friends’ state.
- Freely talk; group chat with large numbers of people.
- Update and share images, videos with people more quickly.
- The unlimited number of your followers.
-  Facebook’s mechanism is two – way connecting mechanism but Twitter’s mechanism is one – way, a person may follow you without your permission.

Let find out about useful features of these two social network applications, Faecbook Lite and Twitter, to choose the most suitable application. Easily update social network’s news just by your smartphone! 

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